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Puzzled, perplexed, baffled, and confused are the words of most Christian organizations, denominations, their Pastors, and leadership, regarding why people are not attending their churches in larger numbers.  In fact, in most churches there are but few who attend regularly.  Many Pastors and Christian leaders are trying to find ways to get people to come to Church.  They are holding all manner of events, and various strategies are being employed, which often produce little, if any lasting results.  It would seem that people are not interested in God.  Yet I have found that people are hungry for the Word of God and sound biblical teaching. It is our desire at Tony Owens Ministries to help develop laborers in Christ, to help them develop their ministries and churches, causing many to come to Christ and mature and grow in their knowledge, understanding and application of the Word of God. We help churches, ministers and lay people establish ministries and churches, as well as helping those who are already in ministry, further develop their ministries, with the purpose of causing greater results in substance, and scope or territory of impact.


Many ministers, ministries and churches are existing, yet are not growing in relationship with God, in size, purpose and impact. They may not have seen spiritual breakthrough with their ministries, churches and personal lives, and are not content. They hunger to see multitudes of people set free, in their families, communities, in which their church or ministry is located, as well as in their churches. Many are desirous of teachings and strategies that will birth revival in themselves first, and then to their constituency or those they minister to. They want to move from tradition, religion, legalism, denominational teaching and church as usual, to life in Christ, moving in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, true revival, deliverance, God’s power flowing through them, souls being saved and coming to Christ, supernatural evidence, etc… For ministers, ministries and churches who desire this, then becoming a Partner with Tony Owens Ministries Inc is what you need to do. We will provide you with the necessary teachings, strategies, structure, prayer covering and other areas of assistance to help accomplish God’s purpose for your Church and/or Ministry.


Your Partnership will offer you access to ministerial assistance/development, resources (books, lessons and courses) and the prayer covering of our International Prayer Base (Prayer Force). We at Tony Owens Ministries Inc. consider it a God ordained privilege to sow into your life, ministry and/or Church. It is our expectation to see you experience revival both personally and ministerially.

Below are a list of strategies that we have to help develop you in that particular area of ministry service.


Ministry Strategies

We help Churches and Ministries with various strategies to minister in their areas of service to the Lord.

1.      Men’s Prayer and Community Strategy

2.      How to Establish and Conduct House Meetings for the Unsaved

3.      Substance Abuse Deliverance Ministry

4.      How to Establish a Letter Ministry for Evangelism and/or Teaching

5.      How to Establish a Home or Job Bible Study

6.      How to Establish Crusades and Evangelistic Efforts

7.      Healing and Visitation Ministry Strategy

8.      Evangelism to Students at Schools

9.      Prayer Strategy for Local Schools

10.  Prayer Telephone Line Prayer and Letter Strategy

11.  Street Evangelism: Media (tapes, CD’s, etc.. video or DVD), Letter and Tract Ministry Strategy

12.  Individual Intercessor For Community Strategy

13.  Public Song and Music Ministry Strategy

14.  Children’s Ministry Strategy: (Offering parents to bring their children in on Saturdays 1-4 time a month)

15.  Music and Song Free Concert and Singing Ministry Strategy (including singing at Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Centers)

16.  Music Distribution Ministry Strategy (Holy Spirit filled songs distributed on CD’s and tapes)

17.  Itinerate Minister to Churches Strategy

18.  Prayer Groups (Team) for Churches and Pastors Strategy

19.  Prayer Group for Community Strategy

20.  Teaching Tape and CD Distribution Ministry Strategy

21.  Television. Radio. Newspaper and Internet Evangelistic Advertising Strategies

22.  Teaching Seminar Strategy

23.  Prison Ministry Strategy

24.  Food and Clothing Distribution Strategy (It should never just be about the provision rather the Word of God)

25.  Internet Chat Room Ministry Strategy

26.  Counseling Strategy

a)      Bereavement Counseling (Families and individuals that lost a loved one)

b)      Depression (Deliverance)

c)       Suicide

d)      Marriage

e)      Divorce and Separation

f)       Anger Management

g)      Family Counseling

h)      Children and Teen Counseling

27.  Video and DVD Distribution Strategy

28.  Art (Christian comics, drawing, painting, etc) Distribution Strategy

29.  Public Dance and Drama Strategy

30.  Bible Distribution Strategy

31.  Street Preaching Strategy

32.  Community Prayer Visitation Strategy (knocking on door asking if they know Christ)

33.  Women’s Ministry Strategy

34.  Telephone Evangelism (telephone marketer call all the time offering things…..Christ)

35.  Youth Ministry



Ministry Development

We help Churches and Ministries facilitate the vision that the Lord has given them by offering assistance in ministry development. There are Ministry Liaisons & Counselors available to assist in the following areas:


1.      Ministerial Structure Assistance

2.      Laying Out vision, or mission statements

3.      Laying out Statement Of Faith

4.      Leadership Structure & Training

5.      501c3 and Incorporation Counseling



Ministry Training

We offer ministry training courses that will be instrumental in developing Church or Ministry leaders as well as ministry members/participants.

Resources are available in the following areas:

1.      Discipleship Courses

2.      Aspiring Ministers Course
This course is available for both leadership and ministry members/participants

3.      Five Fold Ministry Training

This course is available for both leadership and ministry members/participants

4.      Training in How to perform Water Baptism

5.      Training in How to perform Funerals

6.      Training in How to perform Weddings, etc…



Ministry Study Tools

We offer in depth study materials that will equip the members of the Body of Christ with the tools necessary to effectively function in the call of God on their lives and walk in the Power of God.

         Resources are available in the following areas:

Study Courses

1.      Evangelism

2.      Eschatology (Last Day Events)

3.      Intercession and Prayer

4.      Deliverance (Cast Out Devils)

5.      Healing

6.      The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12)

7.      Developing Supernatural Faith

8.      Miracles, Signs and Wonders

9.      Understanding the Five Fold Ministry



1.      Over 400 lessons on various Biblical instructions (A complete list of lessons available per request)



Training & Development Courses

The courses offered is to provide you with Biblically based instruction in various areas of study that you can teach at your ministry to dynamically transform the lives of laity as well as ministry leadership in your church, community and nation.  Each course is designed to facilitate group Bible Studies in addition to providing an opportunity for your own personal study and growth. They are formatted for duplication and distribution.



Prayer Covering

We believe that prayer is the foundation of every work. Consequently, as a Partner of Tony Owens Ministries you will be continually covered in prayer.  You will be assigned an intercessor from our International Prayer Force Team. This person will pray for the needs of your ministry and for spiritual breakthrough.

It is with great joy and excitement that I extend to you an invitation to join in partnership with Tony Owens Ministries Inc. You may also call our offices at (407) 814-3890. You can also complete the form and a liasion will contact you with more information

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