Orlando Nehemiah Prayer



Welcome to the Prayer Force Team for the Greater Orlando Area!  Our aim is to gather the local members of the Body Of Christ to be united in prayer, not just praying, but touching the same things in prayer.  Matthew 18:19-20 says;  “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” We believe that God is faithful to do this very thing when His people begin to pray “with one accord” (Acts 2:1), or have a singular aim and purpose. 


Beloved, join us as watchmen and warriors for God, building a spiritual wall around the city of Orlando, while simultaneously watching out for the enemy and sounding the alarm.  Isaiah 62:6-7 says; “I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence, And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” 

To join the Prayer Force team please click the below link to sign up. We will send you a post assignment to pray for your area, monthly instructions, updated prayer points and collective prayer dates.

The Nehemiah Project

II Chronicles 7:14 says,

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”



Order Of Prayer for Orlando, Florida


     God is bringing His people into a spiritual promised land, and we must learn to war daily to fully seize from the enemy and keep the promises and blessings that God has given us in this place (spiritual position). It is important that we stay with one accord (united in purpose and strategy) in regards to our Repentance, Praise, Prayer, Binding and Loosing. This allows us as a collective unit to put unprecedented pressure on the enemy that will cause a breakthrough in all of the areas that we will be focusing on. Below are prayer strategies that you as a member of the Body of Christ must learn to employ to bring to fruition and manifestation the victories that God has promised. It is important that you understand your responsibility to pray for the people, places and things that God has put under your authority.    


We ask that you pray through this list at least 3 times a week.  This Is Our United Prayer That Will Cause A Great Breakthrough For Us All.


We will be following 5 steps of Prayer. These steps should be in this order:

1. Repentance

2. Short Worship, Praise and Thanksgiving

3. Petition (this should be done only one time, after the first time you should skip this point and go to praising God for answering what you had asked the first time).

4. Thank and Praise God for all the points that you have petitioned Him for. 

5. Binding and Loosing in Jesus Name (Spiritual Warfare)


Part 1


Repentance (for yourself, The Greater Orlando Area (local towns below) , the people therein and the sins of Past generations in The Greater Orlando Area

I repent for my own sins and I stand proxy for the sins of The Greater Orlando Area  and _______________________(the area you live in and prayer assignment area). I repent for the sins that I have committed, the sins of others, the sins of every people group in The Greater Orlando Area, the sins of the Christian and non Christian, the sins of this generation, and the sins past generations (our forefathers and ancestors) in The The Greater Orlando Area  and this area.

I repent and ask you God to forgive me, all the people and places that I am standing proxy for, for the sins of abortion, murder, hatred, un-forgiveness, slavery, prejudice, racism, oppression of others, illegal drug use (Pharmacia), inebriation (drunkenness), fornication, adultery, lying, stealing, idolatry, gambling, following false religion and cults, gossip, backbiting, murmuring, complaining, pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, all perversion, rape, pride, arrogance, using the Lords name in vain, divination, witchcraft, rebellion, anti submission to Godly and legal authority, manipulation, intimidation, unbelief in and rejection of Jesus Christ, jealousy, discontentment, violence, uncleanness (in movies, music, music videos, on television, the conversations we have, and the clothes we wear), covetousness, greed, lust, broken commitments and covenants, for every person born out of wedlock, division in the Body of Christ, disobedience to God by the Church and the world, disorder, contention, strife, worship of false gods, idolatry and putting other things before God, slothfulness, complacency, laziness, all occult practices, abandonment of parental responsibility, (abandonment of our responsibilities to God, our families, and others), ungodly pursuits, selling our gifts and talents to the world, using foul and ungodly language, self righteousness, bitterness in all areas, being entertained by ungodly things (ungodly television shows, ungodly internet sites, ungodly music), rage, wrath, unjustified anger at others, unjust gain, (for every word said against God, His Son (Jesus Christ), His Spirit (Holy Spirit), His way to salvation through Jesus Christ, His leadership and His people, both Christians and Jews), doubt and unbelief in regards to God’s Word, incest, abuse, cursing Jewish people, not honoring our parents (as well as not respecting and honoring natural and spiritual authority),  injustice, (disunity, discord, and division in the Body of Christ), revelry (partying), all acts of rebellion (against God, and legal authority, both natural and spiritual), condemnation of others, the acts of ungodly leaders (crooked politicians, and others in authority), for leaders who have said degrading and negative words about those under their authority that have opened doors to things in their lives, etc….             


Part 2

Short Thanksgiving, Praise, And Worship  -

1.      Praise and Thank God for what He has already done and what He is about to do.

2.      Praise and Thank God for whatever you have asked Him for, whether you have received it already or not. (Your praise releases faith, which says it’s done.) 

3.      Praise Him for every promise that is in His Word and thank Him for it manifesting in your life.

4.      Praise Him and Thank Him for releasing whatever you have asked Him for.

5.      Praise Him that these demonic strongholds are no longer binding, hindering or impeding the people, places and things that you have bond them off of. 

6.      Worship God for who He is. All His Divine attributes. (Holy, Just, Loving, Merciful, Eternal, etc...)


Part 3 & 4


Petition - Ask God For and Praise God for:

1.      That multitudes of Souls would come to Christ for salvation throughout all of The The Greater Orlando Area , including all nationalities, ethnic groups, in all walks of life (Family, friends, community, co-workers, all of The Greater Orlando Area , and where you live). To break shackles off the minds and hearts of people that hinder them from receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Remove spiritual blinders off their eyes, and open their hearts, so that they may see truth.

2.     That multitudes of people would fill the House of David Ministry Church’s, as well as other Bible believing Churches. That God would send both laborers, as well as those who need salvation into the these Churches and the Nehemiah Project. Ask for wisdom for the leadership to know who is sent by Him and who is sent by the enemy.

3.      Provisions for the House Of David Ministries Churches, Nehemiah Project and God’s work and people (Finances, Jobs, and that all needs be met.)

4.      Divine Direction, Divine Strategies, Divine Revelation, and Divine Wisdom for the leadership of House Of David Ministries Churches and the Nehemiah Project and the Body of Christ...

5.   Bless the Prayer and all the services and evangelistic campaigns of the House of David Ministries Churches and the Nehemiah Project.

6.   Bless, Keep and Protect the Leadership and participants of the House Of David Ministries Churches and the Nehemiah Project. Ask God’s to bless them and give them wisdom.

7.      Destroy the plans of the Enemy against the Nehemiah Project, The House Of David Ministries Churches, its leadership and participants, as well as the enemies plans against all of the people in all of the areas that we are praying for.

8.      Close doors that He does not want the Nehemiah Project, The House Of David Ministries Churches, as well as its participants to go through, and open doors and our eyes to see each God ordained opportunity.

9.    The letters would reach the person(s) that God intends for them to reach unhindered, and that the Anointing would penetrate the hearts of those who receive them and see them.

10.  Favor for the leadership and participants of The House Of David Ministries Churches and the Nehemiah Project who stay submitted to God’s will.

11.  Health and Strength for those in House Of David Ministries Churches and the Nehemiah Project.

12.  A Greater Prayer Anointing, an increase in the Gifts of the Spirit for the leadership and participants of The House Of David Ministries Churches and the Nehemiah Project, and that Rivers of Living Waters would flow through them. 

13.  To restore those who had come to Christ and backslide or left God.  Let God lead you in regards to specific people, otherwise give a general prayer in this area.

14.  To open up the Heavens and pour out His Spirit throughout all of The Greater Orlando Area  and the community that you live in.  Ask God to open the hearts of everyone in these areas. 

15.  To put a covering over and a hedge of protection around the hearts, minds, emotions, and ears of those in The House Of David Ministries Churches, the Nehemiah Project and those who have come to Christ through it, so that the enemy could not move them from God, The House Of David Ministries Churches, the Nehemiah Project, or the Church that God has planted them in, through words, relationships or any other means.

16.  That Miracles, Signs, and Wonders would manifest in the Christians life, The House Of David Ministries Churches, the Nehemiah Project and throughout Bible believing Churches in The Greater Orlando Area .

17.  That God’s Will would be done in each Christians life, The House Of David Ministries Churches, the Nehemiah Project, throughout The Greater Orlando Area  and the world.

18.  For the Buildings needed for the Schools of Ministry to train laborers for the harvest, and for the Nehemiah Prayer Center.

19.  Deliverance for every person in The Greater Orlando Area  from demonic influence, opposition, oppression and presence.

20.  Godly breakthrough in all of The Greater Orlando Area .

21.  For Revival in your life, each Christian, The House Of David Ministries Churches, the Nehemiah Project and every God ordained Bible believing Church and ministry throughout The The Greater Orlando Area . 

22.  That God would send people of skill and laborers to The House Of David Ministries Churches, and The Nehemiah Project, that no need would go lacking and no position unfilled.

23.  That God would continue to add true intercessors and prayer warriors who have His heart to The House Of David Ministries Churches, and the Nehemiah Project.

24.  That God would move on the hearts of lay Christians and Christian leaders that they may participate in the Nehemiah Project.

25.  For a spiritual wall around The Greater Orlando Area  that the enemy cannot penetrate or come through.

26.  For unity amongst all Christians throughout The Greater Orlando Area  and the area you live in.

27.  For the salvation of the leaders of The Greater Orlando Area , including Public Officials (Mayor, City Council, etc…)

Always End Each Petition In Jesus Name. 


Part 5


Warfare   (Bind and Loose)

Bind and loose spirits off Bishop Tony Owens and Pastor Sceniorette Owens, The House Of David Ministries Churches, the Nehemiah Project, their leadership, participants, and everyone under its authority including: Your family, Job, Friends and every person in your household. Every person on the Nehemiah Project and House of David Ministries Churches mailing list. The Greater Orlando Area , the area you live in, and all the people therein. All those who the Devil has deceived to walk away from Christ.

Loose the opposite of whatever you bind.


Binding and Loosing List  

First declare what you are binding theses spirits off of. For example: I bind (whatever name of spirit) off of my home and family, The House Of David Ministries Churches (its leadership and participants), The Nehemiah Project (its leadership and participants), my job, The Greater Orlando Area , and everyone under my authority, both in ministry and in the natural.  It is a good practice to bind spirits off what you have just petitioned God for and loose what you have asked for.                                  


Below is a list of Spirits that we Inc., The Nehemiah Project Leadership (Bishop Tony And Pastor Sceniorette Owens) and participants will be binding 3 times a week:


Spirits of: Oppression, depression, heaviness, strife, contention, lying, deceiving, Jezebel, The Accuser of the brethren, Anti-Christ, Sprite (elusive spirits), (Spirits that try and bring stinging words against Christ, The House Of David Ministries Churches, Bishop Tony and Pastor Sceniorette Owens, yourself , offense, anger,  rage, wrath, un-forgiveness, pride, hindering, resistance, apathy, lying and deceiving, witchcraft, rebellion, divination, manipulation, control, intimidation, sedition, insurrection, spirits that try to overthrow legal natural and spiritual authority, religious spirits, legalistic, traditional, fear (fear of man, fear of authority, fear of peer pressure, fear of what others would say, fear of losing reputation, fear of commitment, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being misled, fear of being shamed, fear of truth, fear of responsibility, fear of submitting, fear of death, fear of coming to God and giving their hearts, fear of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior, fear of opening up and exposing their hearts to God, fear of trusting, fear of salvation through Jesus Christ, fear of reconciliation to God, fear of restoration to God and His people, fear of living Godly, fear of making decisions to do what is right in God’s eyes, fear of other races and people groups), phobias, doubt, vagabond (homeless spirits), anti-submission, unbelief, distractions, adultery, fornication, Pharmacia (Drugs), inebriation (drunkenness), offense towards Christ, homosexuality, lesbianism, perversion, molestation of our children, pornography, murder (both natural and spiritual), false religion, idolatry, covetousness, greed, mammon, (resistance, apathy and indifference towards the Gospel of Jesus Christ), spiritual blindness, spiritual muteness, spiritual deafness, spirits that try and hinder people from coming to House of David Ministries Churches and other Bible believing Churches and staying, spirits that try and oppress and hinder House Of David Churches and other Bible believing Church services, anarchy, principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, demons, destroyers, denizens, evil ruling lords,  imps, dominions, might’s, thrones, strongmen, strongholds, territorial spirits, (lack poverty and insufficiency off your finances), sickness and infirmity, spirits that try and hinder rivers of living waters from flowing from your belly,  spirits that would oppress your dreams (God speaking to you in them), spirits that try and hinder the Gifts of the Spirit from operating in your life,  spirits of false doctrines, new age spirits, guilt, condemnation, spirits that would discourage Godly people of skill and laborers from coming to the House Of David Ministries, spirits that hinder deliverance and breakthrough in The The Greater Orlando Area , bitterness, criticism, jealousy, hatred, discontentment, dissatisfaction, revelry (partying), abortion (natural and spiritual), confusion, mind binding spirits, discouraging spirits, excuses, humanism, spiritual death, lust, complaining, murmuring, gossiping, backbiting, accidents, hurt, harm, injury, deception, disunity and discord in the Body of Christ, python (spirits that try to squeeze the life out of Ministries), false pity, disorder, violence, false burdens, slothfulness, complacency, tiredness, laziness, familiar spirits, unclean spirits (in movies, music videos, music, on television, and the clothes people wear), competition, false pursuits, rejection, timidity, anxiety, impatience, arrogance, self righteousness, false and self justification, false and lying dreams, (spirits that try to oppress miracles, signs and wonders), seducing spirits, ungodly mindsets, spirits behind the works of the flesh, misleading and misguiding spirits, spiritism, cult spirits, spirits that try and oppress men and women from giving their lives to Jesus and coming to the House Of David Churches and other Bible believing Churches, rape and abduction, spirits of false and broken commitments, covenant breaking spirits (divorce, other broken vows), spirits that would try to hinder Godly intercessors and prayer warriors from joining the Nehemiah Project, spirits of racism, prejudice, Pharisaical spirits (these spirits cause, promote, and reinforce division, by arguing doctrinal differences), spirits of escape, persecution, insanity, indecision, addictive and compulsive spirits, retaliation, withdrawal, passivity, worry, nervousness, mental illness, sensitiveness, indecision, self deception, mind idolatry, affectation, perfection, grief, impatience, inheritance (curses), hyperactivity, cursing, gluttony, self accusation, sexual impurity,  etc…..



Multitudes of souls to be saved, multitudes of men and women to come into House Of David Ministries Churches and Bible believing Churches throughout The Greater Orlando Area  and where you live, the Angelic Host to remove every demonic spirit from everything under your authority, finances and provisions for yourself and the Nehemiah Project, health, strength, submission to Godly authority, sobriety, rivers of living waters to flow from you, holiness, godliness, spiritual life, peace, love, power and a sound mind, liberty in Christ, opportunity, truth, gifts of the spirit to flow in my life (your), forgiveness, hearts to be open to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, stability in God’s people, opportunity for deliverance, humility, Godly dreams to breakthrough to everyone in The Greater Orlando Area , favor, the new Prayer Center (buildings) for the Nehemiah Project to come into our hands, hearts and minds to be open to truth, Godly breakthrough, people of skill and laborers to come to the Nehemiah Project, (signs, miracles, and wonders in your life, the Nehemiah Project and throughout The Greater Orlando Area ), men and women to return to Jesus Christ, greater Prayer Anointing in your life, chastity (sexual purity), Godly intercessors and prayer warriors to join the Nehemiah Project, grace to release and forgive others, the love of God and inner peace, obedience, a yielded will, peace, humility, long suffering, trust in God selflessness, true Godly worship, repentance and a contrite heart, mercy and loving kindness, acceptance in the beloved and favor of God, completeness in God, unity in the body of Christ, Grace to focus on God, Grace to accept responsibility, decisiveness, The Holy Spirit to move in The Greater Orlando Area ,  the garment of praise, the oil of joy, soundness of mind, hope in Jesus Christ, people to focus on God, the mind of Christ, the spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, truth, obedience to God, faith, trust in God, wholeness of Mind, the power of God, compassion, contentment and satisfaction in Jesus, meekness, healing, Godly rest, the blessings of God and His Word, liberty in Christ Jesus, temperance, Godly restoration, pardon of God and a Godly self image, purity, sexual integrity, the power of God to submit to God’s plan for our lives, righteousness, the Grace of God to be led by the Holy Spirit and true use of His gifts, conviction of the Holy Spirit, true worship of the living God, etc…..   


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