About Our Pastors

Tony Owens under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, speaks forth in sincerity and truth. He has been in ministry for over 22 years. He has held seminars for the edification and equipping of the saints in many cities throughout the United States. He has held empowerment and faith building seminars for Pastors, ministry leaders, and general laity, to encourage and infuse their hearts with passion to accomplish their purpose in the great commission. His passion is to empower the Christian to not just know what Jesus did, rather to do what Jesus did, walk in power.

Because of his passion to mobilize the Body of Christ into effective laborers for the Kingdom of God, Tony Owens has founded the House Of David Schools of Ministry, which trains and equips the believer to fulfill the call of God on their lives. The Schools Of Ministry’s main thrust is the Ministry Development/Aspiring Ministers Licensing Program. This Program is divided into two sections: Local and Correspondence. The Local school facilitates those in the Greater Orlando and New York City Area. The Correspondence School is made up of three subdivisions: National, International and Incarcerated. This program’s intent is to prepare its students to be vessels of honor unto the Lord God, who are equipped and spiritually fit to minister or serve the Lord. Students in this program receive Biblically based instruction and are licensed in one of five areas of concentration: Minister Of Evangelism, Minister Of Healing & Deliverance, Minister Of Intercession & Prayer, Minister Of Music & Song, and General Minister. In addition to the Aspiring Ministers Program, he has also developed The Five Fold Ministry Program. This is a Program of intense study that gives its students a full understanding of the functions and purpose of the Five Fold Gifts according to Ephesians chapter 4. This Program’s objective is to further establish order and unity in the Body of Christ by offering teachings that will assist students in identifying their place and purpose in the Body. This Program trains and equips those who are called to these offices as well as those who may be called to assist Five Fold Ministers.

Bishop Owens is Senior Pastor of House of David Ministries Inc., and he oversees a Sunday Chapel service which provides a place of fellowship and spiritual rejuvenation to ministry leaders and local congregants, many of which have established personal ministries of which Tony Owens Ministries provides a spiritual covering. These services are facilitated by Tony Owens and the teachers of the House Of David Schools of Ministry. Bishop Tony Owens has also established many churches and currently oversees ministries nationally and internationally.

Bishop Tony Owens has written over 40 books, each compiled from a catalog of over 600 hundred lessons. He has also developed a variety of Bible Study Curriculums, Spiritual Enrichment Study Courses, Church Growth Strategies, Workshops, etc... These Courses cover a wide range of topics such as: Deliverance, Understanding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Healing, Supernatural Faith, The Book of Revelation, When Jesus Comes etc… These teachings have reached people throughout the United States and around the world. Out of the 195 recognized countries of the world his ministry has students in, and sends teachings to approximately 120 countries of the world.

As a leader and servant of the Lord, Tony Owens believes that the Word of God should be accessible to all who desire to receive. Therefore, although his ministry’s resources are available for various donations, Tony Owens stands on the words of Christ in Matthew 10:8, “…freely ye have received, freely give” therefore No One is ever turned away because of their inability to give. Students that cannot afford to give the recommended donation can give a donation of any amount or receive what they need for FREE.

Because of his strong desire to see the will of God accomplished in this hour, Bishop Owens, along with a team of teachers, ministry counselors, and prayer warriors offer Ministry Development counseling and step by step strategies to those who desire to establish a ministry as well as those that need help in growing their ministry. His ministry provides prayer support and ministerial resources to help them expand the reach and impact of their ministry. Through this avenue his ministry is causing a great impact in some of the most remote areas of the world, by giving pastors and leaders the resources they need to dynamically change their communities.

Tony Owens continues to fulfill the Apostolic vision for his ministry, daily, breaking new ground, and empowering Christians through the Word of God to activate the gifts that God has given them.

Bishop Owens has been happily married and is still married to Pastor Sceniorette Owens for 22 years, together they have two children.

Bishop Owens' office can be reached at 407-703-4559 for any questions or requests.