Five Fold Correspondence Program


This course not only teaches the description of the Five Fold Ministry Gifts (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher), but also prepares and develops those who are called to walk in or assist in these offices. This is done through helping them develop proper character, giving understanding about the purpose of the call, as well as, their place in the call. You will not only study the Five Fold gifts in particular but you will be given teachings on a variety of subjects which are necessary for the development of the inner man so that the gifts of God can flow unhindered. This course will help train, develop and equip those who God has called to the Five Fold Ministry. This course will also help you identify if you have one of these calls on your life, as well as other potential calls. Many seek the glory that they assume come with these offices, without understanding the challenges that you must face and overcome before you can successfully move in these calls, this course will help you gain this understanding. You will also learn how to embrace your call and find your appropriate place in the Body of Christ. This course will challenge you to mature and grow beyond what and where you presently are spiritually.  The knowledge that you will gain through this course, if applied will change your life and ministry. Students that successfully meet all Program requirements will be awarded a certificate of completion (This Program does not qualify a person to be ordained in a Five Fold office because it is the work of the Holy Spirit to develop each Five Fold minister based on their submission to the Word and spiritual development). For those seeking spiritual ordination in the Five Fold, we ask that you contact our office for instructions. 

This course is divided into four sections:

SECTION I: The Five Fold Governments

·      This section will lay out in detail the responsibilities of the Five Fold Ministry as a whole.  You will learn how each gift facilitates the other and the order by which they function. 

·         This section also includes teachings that will give you a firm foundation in character.

·         You will also receive teachings on the 9 gifts of the Spirit according to 1 Cor 12.

·         In addition you will receive instruction on basic doctrines of the Christian Faith so that you can complete this course in accordance with the Word of God.

SECTION I: The Sacrifice of a Five Fold Minister

·        In this section, you will receive teachings that will build your faith and further prepare you to stand in the role of or help a Five Fold Minister.

·        These teachings will emphasize the importance of prayer as well as the spiritual discernment required in this area.
·    You will gain an understanding of the dedication, commitment, and perseverance
 necessary to make you an effective Five Fold Minister or help one

SECTION III: The Call of the Five Fold

·         The teachings in this section will propel you to GO!

·         You will study the anointings that are available to the servants of the Lord.

·         This section will build your faith to expect the miraculous as you step into the call of God for your life.

SECTION IV: The Work of A Five Fold Minister

·         This final section of the Program will prepare you to engage the enemy and take authority over the territory that the Lord and placed under your jurisdiction.

·         You will gain an understanding of the issues facing the Body of Christ and receive teaching that will provide solutions to these issues.

·         This section will reinstate God’s vision for His Body and establish you as an agent of unity preparing for the Lord’s return.


This is a 12 month program. A donation per section, is required for this course however, if you do not have to give you would not be turned away. Each section donation includes the cost of the entire section as well as materials, shipping and handling. Before you move on the next section, the new section donation must be made.

Donation Type Total Number of
Due Date Total
Application and
Administrative Donation
$30 1 Sent with application $30
Section I $200 1 Sent with application $200
Section II $250 1 Sent in Month 3 $250
Section III $200 1 Sent in Month 7 $200
Section IV $200 1 Sent in Month 10 $200

To begin the Five Fold Ministry Program, a $230 donation must be sent along with your application. This donation includes the following:

  • Application and Administrative Donation
  • Section I donation



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