Ministry Development/ Training

        How often in your life, have you had the knowledge regarding how to do something, yet could not do it because you lacked the tools to make it work. Christians, Ministers, Churches, and Church organizations struggle to do what God has called them to do, as well as survive, because they do not have the right tools for their unique situations. If we only had the proper tools to go with our knowledge and ability, how much more effective we would be.

House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network has been called with a specialty of surgically helping ministers, pastors and churches to come to a greater level of spiritual health, so that they can develop and function to their fullest potential. It has been my passion to help God’s servants realize their call to cause dynamic spiritual breakthrough. Below you will find a list of  teaching tools and ministerial growth strategies that God has given us, to give to His people. I have used, and seen others use these teachings tools and strategies, first to cause change within themselves, and then impact those around them.

The various teaching tools and ministerial growth strategies below can be ordered for the purpose of retooling yourself with teachings from the Word of God, that will equip you, or perhaps your ministry staff (if you are a Pastor), etc.., to be able to reach, teach, and draw others to Christ.

To better tailor and assist you in developing who God has called you to be and in fulfilling the ministry work he has called you to do please contact us to speak with our ministerial liaison who can advise you on which materials would best help you.

Ministry Strategies

We offer various strategies to Pastors and Leaders to help them develop and grow various types of ministries. These strategies not only offer a strategic plan that you can implement in your ministry and/or region, but it also include teachings for personal development, that will prepare a vessel that exude the anointing and godly character, which is necessary to stimulate ministry growth.


1.      Men’s Prayer and Community Strategy

2.      How to Establish and Conduct House Meetings for the Unsaved

3.      Substance Abuse Deliverance Ministry

4.      How to Establish a Letter Ministry for Evangelism and/or Teaching

5.      How to Establish a Home or Job Bible Study

6.      How to Establish Crusades and Evangelistic Efforts

7.      Healing and Visitation Ministry Strategy

8.      Evangelism to Students at Schools

9.      Prayer Strategy for Local Schools

10.  Prayer Telephone Line Prayer and Letter Strategy

11.  Street Evangelism: Media (tapes, CD’s, etc.. video or DVD), Letter and Tract Ministry Strategy

12.  Individual Intercessor For Community Strategy

13.  Public Song and Music Ministry Strategy

14.  Children’s Ministry Strategy: (Offering parents to bring their children in on Saturdays 1-4 time a month)

15.  Music and Song Free Concert and Singing Ministry Strategy (including singing at Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Centers)

16.  Music Distribution Ministry Strategy (Holy Spirit filled songs distributed on CD’s and tapes)

17.  Itinerate Minister to Churches Strategy

18.  Prayer Groups (Team) for Churches and Pastors Strategy

19.  Prayer Group for Community Strategy

20.  Teaching Tape and CD Distribution Ministry Strategy

21.  Television. Radio. Newspaper and Internet Evangelistic Advertising Strategies

22.  Teaching Seminar Strategy

23.  Prison Ministry Strategy

24.  Food and Clothing Distribution Strategy (It should never just be about the provision rather the Word of God)

25.  Internet Chat Room Ministry Strategy

26.  Counseling Strategy

a)      Bereavement Counseling (Families and individuals that lost a loved one)

b)      Depression (Deliverance)

c)       Suicide

d)      Marriage

e)      Divorce and Separation

f)       Anger Management

g)      Family Counseling

h)      Children and Teen Counseling

27.  Video and DVD Distribution Strategy

28.  Art (Christian comics, drawing, painting, etc) Distribution Strategy

29.  Public Dance and Drama Strategy

30.  Bible Distribution Strategy

31.  Street Preaching Strategy

32.  Community Prayer Visitation Strategy (knocking on door asking if they know Christ)

33.  Women’s Ministry Strategy

34.  Telephone Evangelism (telephone marketer call all the time offering things…..Christ)

35.  Youth Ministry


Ministry Development


We help Churches and Ministries facilitate the vision that the Lord has given them by offering assistance in ministry development. We regularly receive requests from Ministry leaders across the nation and around the world that are seeking resources and direction. Our team of Ministry Liaisons / Counselors is available to assist in the following areas:


1.      Ministerial Structure Assistance

·         We offer instructions on how to organize the operations of the ministry and positioning of leadership.

2.      Laying Out Visions, or Mission Statements

·         We provide assistant in defining and communicating the Vision the Lord has given.

3.      Laying out Bylaws/ Statement Of Faith

·         Establishing the doctrine and beliefs in accordance with the Word of God.

4.      Leadership Structure & Training /Pastor’s Manuals

·         Providing the leadership with training to ensure that they are effective in undergirding the Lord’s work.


Prayer Covering


We believe that prayer is the foundation of every work. Consequently, we provide teachings that will give you instructions in developing strategic prayer directives that will bring breakthrough, in your ministry and territory. Through these teachings intercessors are developed to further fortify the foundation of your work



Ministry Training


We offer ministry training courses that will be instrumental in developing Church or Ministry leaders as well as ministry members/participants. Resources are available in the following areas: 

1.      Training in how to perform Water Baptism

2.      Training in how to perform Funerals

3.      Training in how to perform Weddings, etc…

4.      Training in how to do Evangelistic Altar calls

5.      Training in how to Homiletics (Sermon Preparation)

6.      Training in how to develop Bible Studies as an Evangelistic Christian Maturation & Church Building Strategy.

7.      *Aspiring Ministers Program (This Program is a 12 month licensing and ministry development course in one of 5 areas of concentration Evangelism, Intercession & Prayer, General Ministers, Healing & Deliverance,  Music & Song)

8.       *Five Fold Ministry Training (This Program is available as a Correspondence Course or a personal home- based study)

*please see following pages for details


If you are interested in Starting a Ministry or Ministry Development and Training
Please click the link to download the application and mail it to 

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To speak with someone, regarding becoming a recieving assistance, materials  and strategies please
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