Start A Bible Study/Small Group

The Word of God is universal in its application, that is to say, that it has something in it that can relate to everyone, and everything. In it are the answers that people so deeply hunger and thirst for, but they have no idea that the answers that they are looking for are in the Word of God.


We have found that small intimate groups afford those who sit in them the opportunity to gain understanding regarding the Word of God, because they are able to ask biblical questions that give them clarity. In large groups its usually not possible to address individual questions on a scale large enough to help each individual that has gathered.


Many people (especially the non Christian, lukewarm Christian, etc…) are not interested in attending Sunday Church Services, because they may feel that the forum does not offer them the opportunity to address what they desire to know about God, and His Word. Yet, inviting people that you know to your home, the break room or cafeteria at work, etc…, in an informal setting, may be just the thing to cause many, including family members, co-workers, neighbors, etc… to be willing to sit down and learn about things in the Bible that they have been desirous to know about, but had no forum or teacher to explain it to them.


If you are seeking to start a Bible Study then our Developing Bible Studies As An Evangelistic, Christian Maturation and Church Building Strategy as well as our fully developed Bible Studies covering various topics will be essential tools to developing your church, home or job Bible Study.


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